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7.03.2012 CE
CEO Qmodule Lab gave an interview to French TV channel FRANCE 24.
0.02.2012 CE
CEO Qmodule Lab made a presentation of the Qmodule project MIT Sloan School of management (Boston, USA).
9.02.2012 CE
CEO Qmodule Lab participated in a conference SkTech/MIT Initiative (Boston, USA)
5.11.2011 Re
Representatives of the Qmodule Lab participated in the conference Energy Harvesting & Storage (Boston, USA)

The technology of energy converters - Qconverters - based on the concept of energy conversion from the high-voltage pulse generator charges of different nature. These generators can charge:
  • Piezoelectric elements which convert mechanical pressure into an electric charge
  • Triboelementy that convert mechanical energy into electrical charge, in the process of friction materials or gases
  • Radioactive isotopes that emit high-energy electrons (beta decay)
Qconverter allows to increase the charge Q on the output converter hundreds of times!