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7.03.2012 CE
CEO Qmodule Lab gave an interview to French TV channel FRANCE 24.
0.02.2012 CE
CEO Qmodule Lab made a presentation of the Qmodule project MIT Sloan School of management (Boston, USA).
9.02.2012 CE
CEO Qmodule Lab participated in a conference SkTech/MIT Initiative (Boston, USA)
5.11.2011 Re
Representatives of the Qmodule Lab participated in the conference Energy Harvesting & Storage (Boston, USA)
Qmodule technology

based on a special method of working with the charge generator, such as piezoelectric, and triboelementy radioisotopes that emit negatively charged electrons.

Qmodule technology allows to significantly increase the power output of the charge referred to the generators and make possible the mass production of inexpensive alternative sources of electricity.

Qmodule Lab develop technologies related to
  • Generators of high-energy conversion charges of different nature - from the piezoelectric elements to the radioisotope
  • The use of piezoelectric elements and solar cells in electromechanics
  • Ultra-low consuming electromechanical locking devices
  • Battery free peripheral devices for mobile applications

Thanks to technology Qmodule created numerous prototypes of electronic devices that operate without batteries or other external power supply.