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7.03.2012 CE
CEO Qmodule Lab gave an interview to French TV channel FRANCE 24.
0.02.2012 CE
CEO Qmodule Lab made a presentation of the Qmodule project MIT Sloan School of management (Boston, USA).
9.02.2012 CE
CEO Qmodule Lab participated in a conference SkTech/MIT Initiative (Boston, USA)
5.11.2011 Re
Representatives of the Qmodule Lab participated in the conference Energy Harvesting & Storage (Boston, USA)
OEM Qconverters

Qconverters line of OEM-modules, energy harvesters. Qconverters is not a direct replacement batteries, but significantly affect the market for electronics manufacturers, which now depend on batteries and would like to get rid of this dependence, or raise the flag of "green" environmentally friendly products.

The project Qconverters plans to develop a microelectronic chip Qhip intended to replace the module assembled from discrete elements of a miniature integrated circuit. The use of standard semiconductor technology will reduce the cost of Qconverters to a few cents, which in turn will significantly increase the mass market for B2B customers.