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7.03.2012 CE
CEO Qmodule Lab gave an interview to French TV channel FRANCE 24.
0.02.2012 CE
CEO Qmodule Lab made a presentation of the Qmodule project MIT Sloan School of management (Boston, USA).
9.02.2012 CE
CEO Qmodule Lab participated in a conference SkTech/MIT Initiative (Boston, USA)
5.11.2011 Re
Representatives of the Qmodule Lab participated in the conference Energy Harvesting & Storage (Boston, USA)
Industrial automation

Preventive maintenance (e.g. replacement batteries) sensor systems for industrial automation is a big operational challenge and a source of significant costs.

Electronic thermometers, limit switches, access control systems, timers, electronic seals, electronic valves, etc. have been implemented by us in the form of working prototypes.

These prototypes have shown the possibility of mass production, completely self-contained, sealed, working in a wide temperature range of UNATTENDED sensors and systems for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Qmodule technology can provide a significant contribution to the development of special stand-alone devices and appliances that need a lot of time to work in harsh environments at temperatures below - 50 or over 80 degrees Celsius with high humidity.

Power converters Qmodule Lab also have high potential for application in Betavoltaics, where they discover new and effective opportunities for significant increase power output of nuclear batteries.