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7.03.2012 CE
CEO Qmodule Lab gave an interview to French TV channel FRANCE 24.
0.02.2012 CE
CEO Qmodule Lab made a presentation of the Qmodule project MIT Sloan School of management (Boston, USA).
9.02.2012 CE
CEO Qmodule Lab participated in a conference SkTech/MIT Initiative (Boston, USA)
5.11.2011 Re
Representatives of the Qmodule Lab participated in the conference Energy Harvesting & Storage (Boston, USA)
combines the design and invention in the electronics and electromechanics maintained in the group of companies Qmodule and its partners, licensees.

The main purpose of the project Qmodule - the creation of technologies for the use of alternative energy sources for portable electronic devices, fully autonomous unmanned systems, industrial automation, as well as the consumer market for gadgets that can be easily parted with the "harmful" batteries.
Discharging the batteries are a source of unexpected problems, which are trying to avoid a costly means of prevention, replacement or recharging. Billions of batteries are a source of dangerous environmental pollution arising both in their manufacture, and at their disposal. Technological advances in modern electronics have reduced the power consumption of many electronic gadgets and industrial sensors, to a level comparable to the mechanical energy that the user spends a technological environment, or when dealing with these devices. Thus, it remained to find a technology to use this "lost" the mechanical energy for autonomous electricity supply the devices. The broader approach shows that even today you can use "terawatts" mechanical energy associated with motion and/or vibration of the objects that surround us. This energy is huge and untapped yet to be fully environmentally friendly source of electrical energy.